Eva Papamargariti - NEW NOSTHETICS

A new digital dazzling kingdom of objects keeps rising. Everything can fit to the neverending fragmented landscape as long as it is reflective, refractive and shiny. The most complex texture activates the perception of a twisted materiality in which the organic element is re-embeded to the artificial language while the overwhelming production of these objects creates an instant immersion to a new 'virtuality', composed from distorted abstract morphological schemes. Attention: no sense of scale is necessary at this uncanny n-dimensional field.

Eva Papamargariti is a Greek architect and digital artist. She has been working and collaborating with architects, artists and design groups since 2008. Her projects focus on time-based media (digital installations, video, gif animations etc), architecture and graphic design. She is interested in the creation of 2d/3d digital spaces, forms and geometries which can provoke different concepts, narrations and atmospheres each time, using a variety of methods, tools and programs. She has exhibited group and individual projects both in Greece and Internationally in cities like Athens, New York, Seattle, Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lima and also on the Internet (The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale, Eternal Internet Brotherhood,, #0000FF Gallery, Decenter and more).

Channel Normal is an online exhibition space that predominantly focuses on presenting time-based works and / or web-based works.

- Visions_Of_A_Post_Singularity_Apocalyptic_Quantum_World -

A curatorial project by Marios Athanasiou