Genetic Moo

SEED - Variations

These variations were created algorithmically. We filmed ourselves using a video camera and then wrote a Java program which split these sequences into frames and then added them onto a master sequence applying tinting, rotation and movement. More and more frames were added until an overall form emerges which resembles a seed, a flower or a grain of pollen. We can't tell exactly how each sequence will turn out - we let the computer do that. We generate many sequences and keep the ones we like. Each sequence contains something like 30000 frames. For this set of variations the underlying structure is based on Spirograph forms, with embellishments driven by many user defined parameters.

We're always interested in simulating natural forms and behaviour using computational techniques. We generally build fantastical creatures using our own body parts.

Genetic Moo are a digital art group who make interactive art. They have shown work in shopping centres and Glastonbury, and venues across the UK. Recently they have been organising a series of group shows called Microworlds, the latest of which is at Kinetica Art Fair in London this October 2014.

Channel Normal is an online exhibition space that predominantly focuses on presenting time-based works and / or web-based works.

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A curatorial project by Marios Athanasiou